merry go round

Lewisham People’s Day 2018

Lewisham is good at doing community, and Lewisham People’s Day is a brilliant example of how to do it well. They’ve been doing it for 34 years so they know a thing or two about curating acts to appeal to all tastes. The highlight for me was the stage hosted by DJ Jean Genie in the Little Big Top. The Apathy…

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mixed media artist

Watch Peckham mixed media artist at work: Gabriella Tirone

Peckham-based mixed media artist, Gabriella Tirone, is holding an open studio on 24 and 25 September.  Her exhibition is part of the Nunhead Art Trail. Gabriella creates mixed media works on paper using print, watercolour and pastels. Her work focuses on memory and is executed in her hallmark fluid line style. Watch video to see Peckham artist Gabriella at work I…

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swim charlton lido

Swim in the open air: 3 great places in the UK

Swim at Charlton Lido Oh the bliss of living in south-east London and having Charlton lido on the doorstep for a swim in the open air. The blue deco waterfall harks back to the glamour of the 1930s but the facilities are definitely modern. An elegant terrace café overlooks a pristine 50m pool. As you can see, the residents of Charlton also…

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photo booth

My fabulous photo booth: take a look inside

Have you ever been asked to step inside the back of someone’s van?Thought not. But that’s exactly what Fabio Affuso asked revellers to do at London’s Gay Pride this year. Some were cautious, others, safety in numbers, piled in to the photo booth to have their photos taken by this accomplished portrait photographer. My short film looks at what motivates…

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Video professionals at work

Video skills: How to make your brain bigger

There is evidence around the positive effect of learning new skills on cognitive function as you age and the more difficult the challenge, the greater the effect. Photography, video and photo editing are particularly good because people think they are difficult skills for an ‘older’ novice to master. Learning to use the video function on my DSLR This spring, on…

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glass with one eye

How to vlog

I submitted a short film made on my DSLR to the Røde Reel short film competition. Another challenge ticked off my to do list. It’s my tongue-in-cheek homage to all the great bloggers out there. You know who you are.

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