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Lewisham People’s Day 2018

Lewisham is good at doing community, and Lewisham People’s Day is a brilliant example of how to do it well. They’ve been doing it for 34 years so they know a thing or two about curating acts to appeal to all tastes.

bob and roberta smith and the apathy band

The highlight for me was the stage hosted by DJ Jean Genie in the Little Big Top. The Apathy Band with Bob and Roberta Smith promoted their ‘all schools should be art schools’ mantra.  They certainly put their money where their mouths are; performing dada-style in 31 degree heat in heavy makeup and costume. They played a moving tribute to several artists persecuted by intolerant regimes. As Jean Genie says “Lewisham’s always been about art and politics.”

simona hula hoop dancer

It all started to get Weimar in the tent with the clever lyrics of electronic girl band, Figs in Wigs and the cabaret act Purple Ladies. The energy of super-talented hula hoop dancer Simona made me realise our art and culture seems to owe a lot to Germany. 

The washing lady from Purple Ladies with bubbles blowing from her basket.

Unit 137 at Lewisham People's Day

 I never fail to be impressed by the quality of the acts and Unit 137 stage was no exception. There is always something new and unexpected at People’s Day. 

Well done team Lewisham. You did it again.

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